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Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

Superb colour and made by the outlines of the trees. Lovely.

5 Oct 2010 6:34am

@Richard: Thanks, Richard.

trilliana from Munich, Germany

i really like the grey texture of the sky behind the colouring meadow, it adds a mystical mood which brings some doubt on the sunny scenery.

5 Oct 2010 7:43am

@trilliana: Thanks, trilliana. The color of the grass is what caught my eye.

Punit from Somewhere in, India

Nice colors Larry. Agree with trilliana that the grey skies set a contrast well with the joyous greens of the foreground. Just curious - would the capture look better with more of skies. Did you crop the skies part of the picture intentionally?

5 Oct 2010 10:52am

@Punit: Thanks, Punit. I did try to minimize the sky. As I mentioned, the grass is what caught my eye and changing the proportions to include more sky made the image less about the grass. Thanks for asking.

Florence from Paris, France

I love the colors and hints here but I would have probably crop differently to catch all the branches of the trees.

5 Oct 2010 1:45pm

@Florence: Thanks, Florence. The trees are intriguing, but as mentioned, I wanted to keep the focus on the grass. One other note ... though you can't tell because of a fairly long exposure, it was pouring rain. Even with the lens hood on, I had to struggle to keep water off of the lens. The slight downward tilt helped. I do appreciate your comment though. It's always helpful to hear how others would approach a subject.

Richard from Montferland, Netherlands

I like this composition Larry! I realy has a rainy mood!

5 Oct 2010 4:29pm

@Richard: Thanks, Richard. Visited your website and the work is outstanding. Excellent attention to the quality of light and composition. Very nice!

DowsherVision from PARIS, France

Unique composition and framing, very nice work !!!

5 Oct 2010 11:54pm

Garfield from Ancaster Ontario, Canada

Excellent, I will find this a challenging location to capture .. compo/crop but I really like what you did

6 Oct 2010 2:25am

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

excellent light and truly wonderful colours here! they look just like a lush carpet! the trees seem cut off just a bit too abruptly but everything else works very well!

6 Oct 2010 2:28am

David from Detroit, United States

A very pastoral look. The composition is simple and calming, and your processing brought out the colors beautifully.

6 Oct 2010 2:37am

Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

The beautiful colored grass is a perfect path to the lovely shaped trees! and I like the hint of fresh green in the trees.

6 Oct 2010 4:05am

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Very pleasing presentation - becomes such a cohesive image thru, in part, your control of the tones.

6 Oct 2010 9:21am

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Wonderful shot. I love the vignette in this wonderful spot and your great colors.

10 Oct 2010 5:50am