Tribute to a Sycamore Tree

Posted by Larry Lefever (Lititz, United States) on 22 April 2010 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

I photographed this sycamore in it's prime in my earlier days as a photographer. That was more than 25 years ago, and though I pass this way a few times a week, I rarely looked at it ... until this morning. The horses caught my eye, and the mist. But the soul of the image is a tree I had ignored for so many years. Even the horses agree.

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sara from paris, France

lovely morning.

22 Apr 2010 5:38am

Marie LC from Dauphiné, France

amazing blue morning, love this shot !

22 Apr 2010 6:13am

Manola from Bassens, France

adorable photo... extra même!!!;-))) very beautiful!!!

22 Apr 2010 6:30am

@Manola: Thanks, Manola

trilliana from Munich, Germany

wow, this is a very early picture, you had to get up near midnight, eh? you are a fabulous light catcher, i adore your sense of light very much, larry. picture of the day for me, you get it much more often than other, you know.

22 Apr 2010 8:25am

@trilliana: Thanks, Trilliana. You're very kind and I'm always glad when I can brighten someone's day.

Saeed Rasoulof from Tehran, Iran

nice shot

22 Apr 2010 9:18am

JD from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

well worth it! i love the still colour, beautiful atmosphere

22 Apr 2010 9:19am

k@ from Paris, France

I just love what you write here, how we can forget and they see again as if with new eyes (refeshed one). This tree is sure so powerful, with a soul. And that subtle misty blue with horses a dream turned true. Bravo*

22 Apr 2010 10:00am

@k@: Thanks, Karine. Even after all of these years of looking for images, I'm still surprised at how much I miss. I'm glad the horses were in the pasture this morning or I may have passed the tree by once again.

GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

An absolutely magical photo. I don't want to say any more because I don't want to disturb anything with mere words.

22 Apr 2010 10:49am

@GJC: Thanks, GJC. You're very thoughtful.

Donald Reese from United States

I know this spot well, and also have a few great shots when the tree was prime, but every time i see it now, i wonder what happened to it. you have captured a great moody image here . maybe lightning hit it.

22 Apr 2010 11:44am

@Donald Reese: Thanks, Don. It really was a majestic tree in it's prime.

Daniel from Kenmare, United States


22 Apr 2010 12:22pm

Phil David Alexander Morris from Canada

incredible, beautiful, dramatic image.

22 Apr 2010 1:28pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

I would call it "Larry's Soul" photo ! Your feelings are so much recognizable in your words and in this romantic, dreamy blue image. It is simply incredible .

22 Apr 2010 1:42pm

@MARIANA: Thanks, Mariana. Your thoughts and comments are always special. I think this is one of my favorite finds this year.

violette from BRUXELLES, Belgium

Just, beautiful picture !!!

22 Apr 2010 1:45pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

I agree also. It's beautiful.

22 Apr 2010 3:44pm

Thea from Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Simply fantastic!! ( I am completaly in love with this picture:))

22 Apr 2010 4:02pm

Stefan from Thiersee, Austria beautiful!!!

22 Apr 2010 6:08pm

danou-yepa from Nice, France

fantastic , wonderful photo, beautiful light colors, mist in the background and sky , extraordinary shot

22 Apr 2010 7:00pm

@danou-yepa: Thanks very much, dany.

Anita from West Nottingham, United States

Wonderfully beautiful! Love that blue, the fog, and of course, the tree.

23 Apr 2010 12:51am

@Anita: Thanks, Anita.

Bettina from United States

Wow. One gets a sense that you live in an incredible world. If I drove to Lititz today, would this beauty be lurking in every corner? :) Stunning.

23 Apr 2010 1:04am

@Bettina: Only at 6 in the morning. ;-)

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

You can't trust a horse's opinion, but the snags dominate the nags in the quiet morning ground fog. best...jerry

23 Apr 2010 1:56am

@ordinaryimages: The one thing I can always trust is the wit of Jerry. Thanks!

Shelle from Washington State, United States

Love this. Absolutely beautiful. You have such a great talent Larry.

23 Apr 2010 2:07am

☾éline from United States

Such a wonderful capture ! 5 stars !!!

23 Apr 2010 3:22am

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

wow! brilliant blue colour tone and wonderful composition! the mood and atmosphere are really great! the tree itself is a superb focal point and i like its strong shape and silhouette as it arises from the fog!

23 Apr 2010 3:31am

Scott Rippee from Fresno, United States

I'm blown away. This is amazing.

23 Apr 2010 7:17am

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

very strong, a great mood captured by an early bird ;)

23 Apr 2010 12:50pm

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

The color and the fog lends a very Sleepy Hollow feel to this.

23 Apr 2010 7:20pm

Marilyn Cornwell from Toronto, Canada

Beautiful composition and stunning use of colour!

24 Apr 2010 11:50am

drphoto from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

This is a stunning image. One that desrves to be printed very large =D)


26 Apr 2010 12:08am

Barbara Manners from Toronto, Canada

There are just so many layers to this incredible image!! Bravo!!

26 Apr 2010 12:09am

Dawn from Maryland, United States

OMG!!!! How have I missed these? Stunning!!!!!!!

27 Apr 2010 6:35pm

Joanne from United States

Such beautiful blue brilliance and the scene is enchanting!

1 May 2010 12:02pm

sdesha from United States

You captured an enchanting scene in an exquisite manner. Beautiful work...

10 May 2010 12:34am

Maria Draper from California, United States

I am very impressed by your photography, you are a true artist...

14 Jan 2011 2:40am


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